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The saffron under the PDO La Mancha Saffron quality seal, is the only spice of this nature with this recognition of quality in Spain , Saffron threads are considered most finest spices due to the difficulty of extracting it, as it needs people with high experience in picking it up for the flower and extracting the single and thin thread, and it takes 70000-80000 threads of saffron flower to get 1 kg of saffron and it is dried on a fine mesh or a fine mesh over a fire The saffron threads contain a fatty oil with an aromatic smell and natural colored materials with a pungent odor and a very distinctive taste and in order not to lose their value they are kept in tight containers and without exposure to light to ensure the quality of preservation. To give it flavour.

Weight: 5 gram

Health benefits: Very useful for relieving stomach cramps and flatulence, and also useful in treating respiratory infections and used as a stimulating.

Ingredients: Saffron threads extracted from the Spanish purple autumn saffron flower

Steeping instructions: It can be as desired as a drink, food or dessert

Warnings: It is not recommended to take it in large quantities at once, as the amount of 20 grams can be fatal to humans

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